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Superior Guardian 6x20 3-Deck, 36" Twin Screw Wash Plant, Unit #803


On Lease

Carrier chassis

  • Main frame constructed of wide flange structural steel beams
  • Tridem axle with (12) 11x22.5 radial tires
    • complete air brake system
    • mudflaps on rear axle
  • Travel lights with brake and directional signals
  • Fifth wheel hitch
  • (4) fixed, structural steel cribbing legs
  • Common Grease points - 1-2 locations to grease entire plant

Superior Guardian 6203 Horizontal Vibrating Screen

  • Supply and Installation for a 6x20 3 deck, all pertinent items and components including:
    • adjustable motor base, motor sheave, screen sheave, v-belts, drive guard
    • Screen and all pertinent items and components are supplied by Superior
  • Price includes the following items:
    • 40 HP TEFC, 1200 RPM, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz, screen drive motor
    • screen subframe
  • Screen is installed to operate in the horizontal position
  • Right hand drive

Superior 36" x 28' Twin Fine Material Washer

  • Supply and Installation for a T36x28' FMW, all pertinent items and components
  • 1/4" ASTM A36 Steel
  • Outboard pillow block bearings
  • Over-flow flume with adjustable weir
  • Material discharge chute
  • Tail end feed hopper and tub baffle
  • Variable Speed
  • 200tph
  • Urethand wear shoes
  • Spiral type shaft, half pitch flighted for high capacity with adjustable mounts
  • Weir water overflow downspout on each side of fine material washer
  • (2) 6” butterfly drain valves
  • 4” port for fines return jet from the dewatering screen
  • Price includes the following items:
    • (2) 15 HP TEFC, 1800 RPM, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz, motor(s)
  • V-belt drive with guard
  • Dodge shaft mount gear box

Screen discharge chutes

  • Roll away chute
  • Constructed of 1/4" Mild Steel with 1/4" AR liners
  • Top deck chute discharges over the kingpin end of the chassis or onto middle deck
  • cross conveyor, 25% Blending gates
  • Middle deck chute discharges onto middle or bottom deck cross conveyor, 25% Blending gates
  • Bottom deck chutes discharges onto bottom or "blends up" to middle deck cross conveyor,
  • 25% blending gates
  • AR liners on both sides of blending gates

Fines hopper

  • 3/8" AR Construction with conveyor belt lining
  • adjustable rubber flashing full length

Spray Bars

  • (16) 1.5" Galvanized spray bars and elbows, brass nozzles
  • Flexible rubber hosing from manifold to spray bars
  • Manually adjustable spray bar for each spray bar, mounted below walkway

Water Manifold

  • 8" bolt flange at ground level for fresh water hookup
  • Fresh water feeds in from end
  • Distributes water to: spray bars, slurry hopper, FMW wash back, and fines hopper
  • Wire strainer to prevent large debris from entering
  • 4” rising current water line with 4” globe valve

Slurry Hopper

  • Hydraulically folds from transport to operating position
  • Accepts feed from conveyor, lined for wear protection
  • Spray bars mounted inside hopper

(2) 30" wide x 11' long reversing cross conveyors

  • Structural steel channel main frame
  • Mounted on rollers to manually move to discharge from either side of chassis
  • Receive oversize material from respective middle and bottom decks
  • Class II head end drive
  • 5 HP motor, v-belt drive with drive guard
  • Dodge shaft mount reducer
  • Head pulley - 10" diameter drum, crown face, 3/8" diamond lagging
  • Tail pulley - 10" diameter wing pulley
  • Shafts - turned and polished
  • Dodgebearings
  • Manual screw take-ups
  • Carry idlers - C5, 20 degrees trough, channel mount, spaced 26" OC
  • Belting - 3 ply, 3/16" x 1/16" 220 PIW
  • Belt splice - steel mechanical fasteners
  • Primary belt scraper - Exterra® Belt Cleaner


  • 3/16" diamond tread plate along both sides and feed end of screen
  • Includes toe board, and two-rail handrail, bolt on
  • Walkway access on both sides of the chassis with steep angle stair access
  • Drain holes

Hydraulic "lift-only" leveling jacks

  • (4) 6" x 20" hydraulic cylinders
  • (4) manual lever valves; (1) for each cylinder
  • 12V hydraulic power unit, enclosed cabinet with battery and shut off switch

Overhead Safety tie off

  • Safety tie off over plant for workers to tie off when working on screen
  • Folds down for transport

Electrical control panel

  • NEMA 4 enclosure and NEMA SQUARE D electrical components
  • Wired to on-plant motors
    • (1) 40 HP screen drive motor
    • (2) 15 HP FMW drive motor with VFD (WEG variable frequency drive)
    • (2) 7.5 HP reversing cross conveyors
    • Amp guage on outside of panel
    • Hour meter inside panel
    • Warning horn and light
    • Labelled start/stop pushbuttons and E-stop pushbutton mounted on door of electrical panel
    • Mounted on skid frame with lifting eyes (mounted on ditch side of plant)
    • Power cables from motors to place panel 30' from plant, cable storage tray inside frame above axles
    • Includes 2 extra #2 starters
    • Panel is NOT painted to match plant


  • Required power is 480 v/ 3 ph / 60 hz
  • Control panel and wiring are not included


  • Price includes standard guarding
  • Customer is responsible to have guarding inspected


  • (1) coat primer; (1) finish coat enamel
    • Standard Superior Color Scheme
    • Chassis- Superior Graphite Gray
    • FMW- Superior Window Gray
    • Screen- Superior Window Gray

Owner's manual

  • (1) copy included for operation and maintenance