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Superior Alliance Low Water Washer-200, Unit#888


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Unit Specifications

  • Capacity-200 STPH
  • Material size-3/4" minus
  • Manifold and piping-Complete manifold with valves and piping [sized for 400 GPM]. Manifold pressure gauge (0-60 psi)
  • Base frame-Integral steel base frame
  • Support structure-I-beam skid frame with approx. 3.5' clearance from grade to bottom of dewatering screen discharge chute [customer responsible for concrete pad]
  • Walkway-Stairs and walkway for maintenance access on one side of dewatering screen
  • Flowmeter-Flow meter and valve to control volume of feed water

 Dewatering Screen

  • Screen size-5' x 10'
  • Screen construction-Rigid welded frame, 1/2" A36 steel
  • Screen area-80 Sq Ft.
  • Screen motor-(2) 11.4 HP, 60hz, 230/460V, 1800 rpm, 3.2-6.4G - Set throw at 75%
  • Screen media-Urethane snap deck: 70 mesh
  • Spray bars-(2) Light mist spray bars mounted at discharge of screw and mid-deck on dewatering screen
  • Screen angle-+ 2°
  • Flume-Removable underflume with flanged discharge pipe
  • Discharge chute-Material discharge chute off end of dewatering screen


  • Screw size-Single: 30" x 12'
  • Screw type-Agitator
  • Screw construction-1/4" ASTM A36 Steel
  • Screw speed-37 RPM
  • Screw motor-15 HP 1800 RPM TFC
  • Upper screw bearing-Dodge
  • Lower screw bearing-Dodge-
  • Main shaft-Paddles and flights
  • Spray bar-Spray bar without nozzles along length of blade mill [opposite side of belly plates]
  • Operating angle-5°
  • Tub cover-3" screen cloth to cover entire length of tub

 Additional Specifications

  • Voltage-480 v / 3 ph / 60 hz
  • Electrical-Control panel and wiring not included
  • Paint-Support Structure-Graphite Gray, Screen-Window Grey
  • Guarding-V-belt drive guard, guards may not meet all local codes; customer is responsible to have guarding inspected