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Used Superior 7' x 16' Tracked Feed Hopper Unit #882

SN: #SN 1351804


  • Size-7' x 16' top opening
  • Construction-fabricated with 1/4" plate, reinforced around top and bottom
  • Hopper Extensions-20" tall extensions bolted to hopper
  • Capacity-8 cubic yards struck
  • Grizzly-Grizzly bars of triangular construction 3/4"x4" flats on top w/ 3/8"x4 flat side bars.

-Adjustable with a minimum of 3 1/2" clear opening. (Factory set at 3 1/2")

  • Hydraulic Grizzly Raise-full vertical dump position
  • Bi-Directional Grizzly-includes tabs for user to switch grizzly pinning point to other side of plant
  • Flow gate-not included
  • Bottom opening-tapered bottom
  • Trough Liner-Not included
  • Hopper Liner-not included


Belt feeder

  • Size-42" belt width
  • Frame-channel frame, removable from under hopper
  • Drive-Hydraulic drive
  • Backstop-Not included
  • Access Door-Tail end access door
  • Capacity-800 STPH max of 100 PCF material, 25° surcharge (90% fines, 10% lumps 8” minus)
  • Belt Speed-Variable via manual valve: Up to 100 FPM
  • Superior Idlers-CEMA D, 5" dia. Rolls, sealed for life ball bearings
  • Flat Carrier-7 1/2" spacing
  • Returns-Steel return rolls


Discharge conveyor

  • Size-36" wide x 46' long
  • Frame-Heavy duty 12" formed channel
  • Drive-Hydraulic drive
  • Backstop-Hydraulic valve circuits limit belt rollback
  • Capacity-800 STPH max of 100 PCF material, 25° surcharge (90% fines, 10% lumps 8” minus)
  • Incline-max incline angle of 24 degrees
  • Belt Speed-288 fpm
  • Superior Idlers-CEMA C, 5" dia. Rolls, sealed for life ball bearings
  • Load area (main)-20° trough, 16" spacing
  • Trough-20° on 4' spacing
  • Returns-Steel return rolls
  • Self Aligning idlers-Not included
  • Undercarriage-Hydraulic raise
  • Top Fold-head section fold up hydraulically

-and lowers for transport

  • Gathering trough -5' long with adjustable rubber flashing



  • Construction-Heavy duty wide flange beam
  • Track Mounted-supported on one pair of hydraulically powered steel tracks
  • Stabilizer legs-Included with hydraulic raise/lower at tail end of hopper. Must be lowered for operation


Conveyor Components Belt Feeder and Discharge Conveyor

Superior Pulleys

  • Drive Pulleys-14” diameter CEMA, 3/8” herringbone lagged drum
  • Tail Pulleys-12” diameter, Wing type pulley
  • Shafts-Turned and polished
  • Bearings-Dodge
  • Take Ups-Screw type
  • Belting Belt Feeder -3 ply 5/16 x 1/16, 285 PIW
  • Belting Dish. Con.-3 ply 1/8 x 1/16, 230 PIW
  • Belt Splice -factory vulcanized
  • Belt Scraper-Superior Exterra Primary on discharge conveyor only


Additional Specifications

  • Control Panel-control panel and wiring included.
  • Local Remote-local teatherd remote with push button controls.
  • Wireless Remote-Included
  • Self-Contained-63kw (84 HP) Cat Tier 4 Flex diesel engine supplies hydraulics to power all hydraulic functions.
  • Throttle control-Manual throttle control level, to adjust engine idle for hi/lo operation
  • Warning horn-Warning sirens sound prior to engine startup, and during track operation
  • Guarding-for drive and tail pulleys and return idlers. Guards may not meet all local codes; customer is responsible to have guarding inspected.
  • Tail Pulley Doors-hinged tail pulley covers on both sides of Belt Feeder and Discharge Conveyor.
  • Paint-1 coat primer, 1 coat finish enamel: Superior Color Scheme
  • Idler Paint-powdered coated Superior Orange
  • Owner’s Manual-(1) copy in English included for operation and maintenance