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Superior 7ft x 12ft Single Deck Dewatering Screen Unit #1252

SN: #SN 1948851

Screen Specifications

Screen size-7' x 12' (2.1m x 3.6m)

Construction-Single-member weldment frame utilizing tubular cross members

Springs-Heavy steel compression springs

Motor mount-Fabricated beam-style

Discharge lip-Height adjustable from 0" - 3" (25.4 - 76.2mm).  Factory set at 1.5" (38.1mm)

Operating angle-Unit is set up to operate in horizontal position, and will ship with shims for site adjustment between 0° and 2°, customer responsible for installation on site

Bottom Deck Media-1' x 2' replaceable urethane liners with 0.3 mm apertures

Angled Deck Media-1' x 2' replaceable urethane liners with 0.3 mm apertures

Side Liner Media-2' replaceable magnetic injection molded liners with .5 mm apertures

Side Liner Triangles-Replaceable magnetic triangle open cast liners with 1.0 mm apertures

Particle Size Distribution-Coarse (-4,750µmx+75µm)

Feed Capacity-Up to 400 STPH

Feed % Solids-Unit to be fed at 80% solids


Drive Specifications

Motor-(2) 12.7 HP 1200 RPM electric vibrators

Voltage-480v / 3ph / 60 hz

Counterweight-Adjustable CW Settings 50%-80% (Please contact OEM prior to making changes)

Motion-Linear motion

Electrical-Junction box connection provided.  Starters and wiring NOT included


Support Structure Specifications

Base Frame-Not included

Feedbox-Not included

Structure-Not included

Underflume-Not included

Sump Tank-Not included

Discharge Chute-Not included

Discharge Height-Not applicable

Spray Bar(s)-Not included

Axle-Not included

Tow-eye-Not included

Lights-Not included

Landing gear-Not included




  • Superior Class 1 - (1) coat primer; (1) top coat enamel
  • Superior Beige - 12-00619 w/ yellow guarding