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Superior Portable Guardian 6203 Twin 44in Wash Plant Unit #1257


Plant Specifications

Construction-Main frame constructed of wide flange structural beams

Discharge Chute-Hydraulic roll away discharge chute

Blending Capability-1/4 panel blending gates in discharge chute system

Top Deck Discharge-Over the kingpin or blends down to bottom deck cross conveyor

Middle Deck Discharge-To middle deck cross conveyor or blend down to bottom deck cross conveyor

Bottom Deck Discharge-To bottom deck cross conveyor or blend up to top deck discharge

Walkway-Walkway around both sides and feed end of screen: extends out to the end of the discharge chute

Walkway Access-Access to both sides of chassis with (2) folding steep angle stairs

Access Gates-Self closing hinged gates at all walkway access points

Slurry Hopper-Screen feed slurry hopper folds hydraulically for transport with (2) 2.5" water lines

Wye Strainer-Not included

Grease Package-Remote grease station, multiple grease points outside of chassis frame

Tool Box-Not included

Cord Holders-Round pipe with end disc style cord holders welded to chassis frame - to hold 100' of customer supplied cable

Safety Tieoff-Overhead safety tie off posts with cable between two posts

Paint-Standard Superior paint - Graphite Gray (RAL 7024) chassis, Window Gray [RAL 7040] Screen box and fine material washer, Superior Orange handrail and guarding

Guarding-For all drive and tail pulleys, guards may not meet all local codes; customer is responsible to have guarding inspected


Chassis Specifications

Axle-Tridem axle with (12) 11Rx22.5 radial tires

Suspension-Spring suspension

Brakes-Complete air brake package

Fifth Wheel-Included

Lights-Brake and directional signals

Mud Flaps-Installed behind transport wheels

Cribbing Legs-(6) fixed structural steel cribbing legs

Landing Gear-(4) hydraulic lift-only leveling legs with 9 HP Honda Power Unit

Tow Eye-Not included

Level Assist-Not included

Sign Plate-RB Scott sign plate installed


Spray System and Underflume

Underflume Construction-1/4" AR plate

Underflume Liners-1/2" UHMW liners in underflume

Underflume Spray Bars-Located at feed and discharge points

Manifold-8" bolt flange for fresh water hookup - Superior to plumb rising current hook ups

Manifold Distribution-Distributes water to screen spray bars, slurry hopper, FMW washback and fines hopper

Manifold Plug-4" manifold clean out plug with spare 3" fitting with valve

Butterfly Valves-Butterfly valves on screw drains-

Fresh Water Inlet-Fresh Water Cross Over to feed from either side of the plant


Cross Conveyor Specifications

Cross Conveyors-(2) 30" x 12' long slide-in reversing cross conveyors

Drive-Class II head end

Gear Reducer-Dodge shaft mount

Motor-7.5 HP motor(s) TEFC

Drive Pulley-10" diameter, diamond lagged MD crown faced drum

Tail Pulley-10" diameter MD wing pulley


Idlers-CEMA C, 5" dia. Rolls, sealed for life ball bearings, 20°

Belting-3 ply 3/16 x 1/16 330 PIW

Belt Splice-Factory vulcanized belt splice(s)

Belt Scraper-(1) Exterra Primary scraper per cross conveyor


Screen Specifications

Screen Size-Guardian 6x20 3-deck horizontal screen

Screen Drive-Right hand

Configuration-Operate in true horizontal position

Screen Motor-Mount manifold, spray bars, and hoses onto base frame [base frame option must be included]

Folding Motor-Manually folding motor for plant to travel at 12'6" wide

Shaft Housing-Mild steel protection clamped to shaft housing

Springs-Standard coil springs

Feedbox-24" Feedbox with 1/4" AR liners

Sideliners-Standard screen side-liners

Screen Media-Customer supplied and installed


Top Deck

Top Deck Type-Heavy x-brace single crown deck to accommodate 4' single crown wire cloth media sections

Top Take Up-Standard take up rails

Top Cross Member Protectors-Not included


Middle Deck

Middle Deck Type-Heavy x-brace single crown deck to accommodate 4' single crown wire cloth media sections

Middle Take Up-Standard take up rails

Middle Cross Member Protectors-Not included


Bottom Deck

Bottom Deck Type-Heavy x-brace single crown deck to accommodate 4' single crown wire cloth media sections

Bottom Take Up-Standard take up rails

Bottom Cross Member Protectors-Not included



Material Washer Specifications

Material Washer-Superior Twin 44" x 32' Fine Material Washer

Screw Speed-17 RPM

Capacity-Up to 300 STPH (subject to change based on final gradation)

Wear Shoes-Rubber

Screw Motor-(2) 20 HP TEFC

Gear Box-Dodge shaft mount


Electrical Specifications

Voltage-460 v / 3 ph / 60 hz

Panel Enclosure-Skid mounted panel, with lifting eyes.  Travels on plant and removed for operation

Components-IEC components, with start/stop pushbuttons, amp meter, hour meter and warning light

Starters-Starters for all on plant motors, (2) additional #2 starters (up to 25 HP motors), and VFD control for FMW motors

Wiring-Factory supplied and installed wiring from panel to all on board motors.  Customer responsible for wiring power into control panel, and additional starters