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Used Masaba 48in Truck Unloader Unit #1279

SN: #SN 2009345

Drive- Dual Drive 

Motor Mount- Dual 30hp Masaba Motor Mount 

Belt Guard- Masaba Drive Belt Guard  

Motor- 30HP WEG, 1800RPM (NEMA 286T) 

Motor Sheave- 3A6.0B6.4-SD 

Motor Bushing- SD 1 7/8 QD Bushing 

V-Belts- B128 

Reducer- TXT725 

Tapered Bushing- TXT 3 15/16”  

Reducer Sheave- 3A12 0B12.4-SK 

Reducer Sheave Bushing- SK 2 7/16” QD Bushing  


Head Pulley- 20 x 51 Standard Duty Drum Pulley with 3/8 HBL 

Head Shaft- 4 7/16” Diameter Turned Down to 3 15/16” 95” Shaft Length 

Head Bearings- P4B-E-407R 

Snub Pulley- 16 x 51 Standard Duty Drum Pulley with 14” smooth lagging 

Snub Shaft- 3 7/16” Diameter – 62” Long 

Snub Bearings- P2B-E-307R 

Tail Pulley- 12x51 Standard Duty Self-Cleaning Wing Pulley 

Tail Shaft- 3 7/16” Diameter – 67” Long 

Tail Bearings- F4S-S2-307R 

Take-Up- 16in Acme Screw Take-Up with 47” Long Rod 


Hydraulic Unit- Self Contained  Hydraulic Unit with 8HP Honda Motor, Electric Start 

Hydraulic Unit- Self Contained Hydraulic Power Unit 30gal/20hp/20GPM/1750psi 

Body Decal- P/N 9345017 

Landing Hyd. Cylinder- Hydraulic Jack SAE-64520 – 4½” Bore x 20” Stroke Cylinder 

Ramp Cylinder- Hydraulic Ramp PMC-5630 – 4” Bore x 30” Stroke Cylinder 

Spool Valve- 6 Valve Manual Spool 


Belting- 48” 3-ply 3/16” x 1/16” 

Belt Splice- Mechanical Steel Fasteners 

Belt Scraper- 48” Pit Viper with Twist Tensioner 


Transition Idlers- D5-20TU-48SB 

Troughing Idlers- D5-35TU-48SB 

Return Idlers- D5-RRD-48SB-1 (Rubber Disc Return Idlers) (1½” Drop #02200) 

Live Shaft Impact Idlers- D5-35LSI-48 Live Shaft Impact Carrier Idler (Rubber Disc) 

Live Shaft Impact Bearings- P2B-SCM-203 


Grate- Fabricated Steel Grate 

Feed Gate Adjustment- Bulldog Jack  

Lifting Shackle- ¾” Forged D-Shackle with 7/8” round pin, McMaster P/N 3561T51 or equivalent 

Tube Sealer- Expanding Foam Insulation  

Hopper- Under crusher hopper with adjustable rubber flashing  

Rubber Flashing- 1/2x6 Rubber Flashing 

UHMW Skirting- 1” x 8” x 96” UHMW Machined  

Guarding- Tail pulley guards, nip guard, v-belt guards 


Tires- Radial Tires 11 x 22.5 


Primer- Coat primer, Sandblasted 

Paint- Masaba Maroon