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Used Superior 36x50 PRSC Unit #1286


Equipment As Follows:


Conveyor Frame

Main frame-24" deep truss

Chord angles- 3" x 3" x 1/4"

Lattice members-1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3/16"


Drive specifications

Drive-Class I head end

Gear reducer-Dodge shaft mount

Backstop-installed in reducer

Motor-20 HP 1800 RPM TEFC

V-belt drive-with drive guard

Capacity-750 STPH of 100 PCF material, 25-degree surcharge (90% fines, 10% spherical lumps 6” minus)

Belt speed-400 fpm

Superior pulleys- 

Drive pulley-16” diameter, 3/8” herringbone lagged drum

Tail pulley-14” diameter, CEMA Chevron® wing pulley

Snub pulley-not included

Shafts-Turned and polished


Take ups-Screw type



Conveyor splice-one piece truss frame

Undercarriage-Manual raise with pin lock adjustment

Axle type-Fixed width, road portable

Transport axle-Single 11R-22.5 tires and wheels

Radial axle-manual swivel boxes

Radial travel-manual

Fifth wheel-for road travel, bolt on design

Anchor pivot-maintains tail end during radial travel, for 5th wheel

Brakes-not included

Lights-brake and directional signals

Mud flaps-not included

*Axle jacks-not included

Landing gear-manual pin adjustment

Towing eye-Pintle type hitch


Conveyor Components

Belting-3 ply 3/16 x 1/16 330 PIW

Belt splice-Flexco mechanical steel fasteners

Scraper-Superior Exterra® Primary Belt Scraper

Superior Idlers-CEMA C, 5” dia. rolls, sealed for life ball bearings

Idler Seal-Standard SpinGuard® Seal

Load area-20° trough, 12-16" spacing

Trough-35° on 4' spacing

Returns-steel rolls, on 10' spacing

Radial hopper-sloped, 5' long, bolt on design

Gathering trough-5' long with adjustable rubber flashing


Additional Specifications

Guarding-for drive and tail pulleys, v-belt drive and return idlers. Guards may not meet all local codes; customer is responsible to have guarding inspected.

Voltage-480 v / 3 ph / 60 hz

Cord Holders-(1) Set bent pipe style

Electrical panel-Control panel and wiring not included

Paint-1 coat primer, 1 coat finish enamel Superior Beige 12-00619

Guard paint-Safety Yellow

Idler Paint-powder coated Superior Orange

Owner’s Manual-(1) copy in English included for operation and maintenance


Additional Specifications

Sign Plate-RB Scott sign plate installed

Electrical-Electrical panel mount for customer to add electrical panel at a later date 14"x14"



On-Site Start-up, Training and Warranty Commissioning

  • RB Scott will supply a field service technician to complete startup