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Superior 36x136 Low Profile Telestacker Unit #1351

SN: #SN 2240561

Equipment On Order: 

Truss design - Heavy-duty truss, designed for maximum strength / weight ratio

Main conveyor - 80' long with 52" deep truss

Stinger conveyor - 66' long with 36" deep truss

Extension - conveyor extends to 136' long with hydraulic cable winch        

Safety stop - mechanically stops retraction in the event of cable failure


Drive specifications (Main / Stinger)      

Drive - Class I head end

Gear reducers - Dodge shaft mount

Backstops - installed in reducers

Motors - 40/(2) 20 HP TEFC

V-belt drive - with drive guard

Capacity - 1000 STPH of 100 PCF material, 25 degree surcharge (90% fines, 10% spherical lumps 7” minus)

Belt speed - 450/600 fpm

Superior pulleys      

Drive pulleys - 16” diameter, 3/8” herringbone lagged drum  

Tail pulleys - 14” diameter, CEMA Chevron® wing pulley        

Shafts - Turned and polished

Bearings - Dodge 

Take ups - Screw type



Undercarriage - Patented FB® Undercarriage, with hydraulic raise cylinders, 15 hp pumping unit, and covers

Axle type - FD 40 axle

Transport axle - (8) 11R-22.5 tires, tandem walking beam. 11’11” travel width.     

Axle Jacks - not applicable

Comp. Linkage - slip-joint, for raising and lowering of conveyor with wheels in radial position  

Radial axle - (4) 385/65D-19.5 tires on hydraulic outriggers. 18’5” stacking width.           

Radial travel - 4-wd, 2 HP planetary drive on each wheel, 4% grade

Fifth wheel - included

Anchor pivot - counter-balanced swing down, secures tail end for radial travel

Brakes - complete air brake package

Lights - brake and directional signals

Mud flaps - installed behind transport wheels

Landing gear - one set, control valve, Honda power unit

Towing eye - fold down, for pit transport


Conveyor Components      

Belting - 3 ply, 3/16 x 1/16 330 PIW

Belt splice - Flexco mechanical steel fasteners

Scrapers - Superior Exterra® Primary Belt Scraper, on main and stinger

Superior Idlers - CEMA C, 5” dia. rolls, sealed for life ball bearings   

Load area (main) - Superior Seal System, with 10" cartridges and steel rollers

Trough - 35° on 4' spacing

Returns - steel cans, on 8' spacing          

Self-aligning - Steel can troughing aligner on main / Superior Navigator® Trainer on stinger    

Radial hopper - Rock box style

Gathering trough - 6’ long with adjustable rubber flashing

Spray bars - not included



Control system - PilePro™ v12 automation - FD axle, power travel, conveyor raise, and stinger extension controlled by PLC parameters or with panel mounted switches, includes auto-level

PanelView™ 1000 - not included  

Slide-track - galvanized c-rail and steel wheels to deliver hydraulic hoses and electrical cords to stinger                

Matl. flow switch - SonicScout™ ultrasonic sensor, stops power travel when belt is empty        

Wireless remote - not included    

Zero Speed Sensor - not included

Voltage - 480 v / 3 ph / 60 hz

Electrical - enclosure with main disconnect, circuit breaker, and starters with on/off push buttons to control each electric motor


Additional Specifications  

Guarding - for drive and tail pulleys, v-belt drive and return idlers. Guards may not meet all local codes; customer is responsible to have guarding inspected.

Paint - 1 coat primer, 1 coat finish enamel

Idler Paint - powder coated Superior Orange

Patents - unit includes patents

Owner’s Manual - (1) copy in English included for operation and maintenance