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Superior Guardian 6x20 3-Deck Twin 36" Portable Wash Plant Unit 1356

SN: #2240619

Equipment is as follows: 

Plant Specifications

Construction: Main frame constructed of wide flange structural beams
Discharge Chute: Manual rollaway chute constructed of 1/4" structural steel with 1/4" weld-in AR 400 liner
Rubber Flashing: Not Included
Blending Capability: 1/4 panel blending gates in discharge chute system
Top Deck Discharge: Over the kingpin or blends down to middle deck cross conveyor
Middle Deck Discharge: To middle deck cross conveyor or blend down to bottom deck cross conveyor
Bottom Deck Discharge: To bottom deck cross conveyor or blend up to middle deck cross conveyor
Walkway: Walkway around both sides and feed end of screen: extends out to the end of the discharge chute
Observation Platform: Not included
Walkway Access: Access to both sides of chassis with (2) folding steep angle stairs
Access Gates: Chain safety latch at all walkway access points
Slurry Hopper: Hydraulically folds from transport to opertating position. Accepts feed from conveyor and feeds onto feedbox of screen Lined for wear protection. Spray bars mounted inside of hopper. Triple row of high flow spray nozzles to slurry hopper
Wye Strainer: Not included
Grease Package: Remote grease station, multiple grease points outside of chassis frame
Tool Box: Not included
Cord Holders: Round pipe with end disc style cord holders welded to chassis frame
Safety Tieoff: Overhead safety tie off posts with cable between two posts
Paint: Standard Superior paint - Graphite Gray (RAL 7024) chassis, Window Gray [RAL 7040] Screen box and fine material washer, Superior Orange handrail and guarding
Guarding: For all drive and tail pulleys, guards may not meet all local codes; customer is responsible to have guarding inspected

Chassis Specifications 

Axle: Tridem axle with (12) 11Rx22.5 radial tires
Suspension: Spring suspension
Brakes: Complete air brake package
Fifth Wheel: Included
Lights: Brake and directional signals
Mud Flaps: Installed behind transport wheels
Cribbing Legs: (6) fixed structural steel cribbing legs
Landing Gear: (4) hydraulic lift-only leveling legs with 9 HP Honda Power Unit
Tow Eye: Not Included
Level Assist: Not Included
Sign Plate: RB Scott sign plate installed

Spray System and Underflume

Underflume Construction: 1/4" ART plate
Underflume Spray Bars: Located at feed and discharge points
Manifold: 8" bolt flange for fresh water hookup (customer responsible for fresh water plumbing to manifold)
Manifold Distribution: Distributes water to screen spray bars, slurry hopper, FMW wash back and fines hopper. Extra line to be used with a hose to wash down equipment
Butterfly Valves: Butterfly valves on screw drains

Cross Conveyor Specifications

Cross Conveyors: (2) 30" x 12' long slide-in reversing cross conveyors
Drive: Class I head end
Gear Reducer: Dodge shaft mount
Motor: 7.5 HP motor(s) TEFC
Drive Pulley: 10" diamter, diamond lagged CEMA crown faced drum
Tail Pulley:: 10" diamter CEMA wing pulley
Bearings: Dodge
Idlers: CEMA C, 5" dia. Rolls, sealed for life ball bearings,  20°
Belting: 3 ply 3/16 x 1/16 330 PIW
Belt Splice: Factory installed Flexco mechanical fastener(s)
Belt Scraper: (1) Exterra Primary scraper per cross conveyor

Screen Specifications

Screen Size: Guardian 6x20 3-deck horizontal screen
Screen Drive: Right hand
Configuration: Operate in true horizontal position
Screen Motor: 1200 RPM 40 HP, TEFC, NEMA Premium "Design C" included
Folding Motor: Manually folding motor for plant to travel at 12'6" wide
Shaft Housing: Mild steel protection clamped to shaft housing
Springs: Standard coil springs
Feedbox: 24" Feedbox with 1/4" AR liners

Top Deck

Top Deck Type: Heavy x-brace single crown deck to accommodate 4' single crown wire cloth media sections
Top Deck Screen Media: Supplied and installed by customer
Top Deck Take Up: Standard take up rails
Top Cross Member Protectors: Not included

Middle Deck

Middle Deck Type: Heavy x-brace single crown deck to accommodate 4' single crown wire cloth media sections
Middle Deck Take Up: Supplied and installed by customer
Middle Deck Take Up: Standard take up rails
Middle Cross Member Protectors: Not included

Bottom Deck 

Bottom Deck Type: Heavy x-brace single crown deck to accommodate 4' single crown wire cloth media sections
Bottom Deck Screen Media: Supplied and installed by customer
Bottom Deck Take Up: Standard take up rails
Bottom Cross Member Protectors: Not included

Material Washer Specifications

Material Washer: Superior Twin 36" x 25' Fine Material Washer
Screw Speed: 20 RPM
Capacity: Up to 200 STPH (subject to change based on final gradation)
Wear Shoes: Rubber
Gear Box: Dodge shaft mount
Dewatering Screen: N/A
Dewatering Screen Motor: N/A
Butterfly Valves: Butterfly valves on screw drains

Electrical Specifications

Voltage: 460 v / 3 ph / 60 hz
Control Panel: Skid mounted panel, with lifting eyes. Travels on plant and removed for operation. Includes starters for all on-board motors and (2) additional #2 starters and NEMA rated components
Wiring: Factory supplied and installed wiring from panel to all on board motors. Customer responsible for wiring power into control panel, and additional starters