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Metso HP400 Cone Crusher Unit# 1407

SN: #SOR0342

Equipment As Follows:

Nordberg HP400 Cone Crusher, The heart of the plant is the high performance HP Series cone crusher. Designed for portable installations, this cone crusher is the most compact, economical to operate and productive machine in its class. The HP Series offers substantially higher production capacity over traditional cone crushers. It also provides excellent product shape, making it suitable for both secondary and tertiary crushing.


Equipped with manganese steel crushing members, bronze bearings and replaceable main frame seat liners. Features include hydraulic bowl clamping and adjustment, automatic tramp iron release and hydraulic clearing of the crusher chamber. Remote control station mounted to side of plant allows convenient operation for adjusting the closed side setting, or for clearing the crusher.


Additional HP cone features include a package lubrication system consisting of an internal independent pump, oil pressure switch, temperature switch, oil tank with strainer, oil level gauge, thermometers at three locations, (2) oil heater with control panel, oil filter and oil cooler (air-radiator type), and crusher tools.



Main Information

Lubrication Unit- Standard

  • The lubrication unit contains air-oil cooler, which keeps oil temperature ideal for the bearing lubrication. The hydraulic unit helps during the setting and maintenance operations.

Control type - Digital

  • If Metso automation is not included.
  • Digital signals available (switches).
    • Inductive detector for adjustment setting
    • Temperature and pressure for start and stop authorizations Motor starters are not delivered.

Norm - UL

Frequency – 60 HZ

  • Frequency band for crusher, lubrication & hydraulic unit, air cooler and blower motors.

Lubrication unit voltage - 265/460V

  • Main voltage for lubrication & hydraulic unit, air cooler, blower motors and heaters.

Serial number plate material - Aluminum

  • Material of the crusher, lubrication & hydraulic unit, and automation identification plates.

Color - Metso beige

  • Color of the crusher and lubrication & hydraulic unit.

Instruction plate language – English

  • Language of the warning stickers.



Main Unit

Crusher eccentricity - Standard

Main frame liner - Standard

Hydraulic motor location - Right to countershaft

Crusher cavity - Included

  • For more details about crusher cavity, see Specification
  • Crusher's liners are included and installed.

Cavity type - Standard coarse

  • For more details about crusher cavity type, see Specification

Motor position - Standard btw 8 and 4 o'clock

  • Crusher motor installed between 8 and 4 o'clock.

Drive - Single drive

  • For more details, see Technical specification.
  • A single drive configuration provides installation for a single electric motor.

Accumulator certification – Standard

  • Standard certification (CE, ASME, CRN, SELO, AS12100)


Ambient temperature - Normal condition down to -15°C

  • Lowest accepted ambient temperature.
  • Acceptable minimum temperature is -15°C (5°F)




Crusher pulley - Included

  • Crusher pulley and hub.

Grooves type    - 8V

  • Profile used for the crusher pulley, motor pulley and V-Belts

Quantity of motors - 1

  • Motor pulley and hub.

Motor supplier - Customer

  • Crusher motor. For more details, see technical specification.
  • If installed on METSO frame, compatibility have to be checked.

Motor speed/ Pole number - 4 (1500rpm 50Hz/1800rpm 60Hz)

Countershaft speed     - 950

Crusher pulley size -762

Motor pulley size406 mm

Pulley drive shaft diameter - 90 mm

  • Dimension "D". If motor pulley is installed on motor shaft, see Picture.Shaft diameter, if motor pulley is installed on jack-shaft drive



Included Options

Accumulator charging kit       

  • Tool to check the pressure inside the accumulator and to connect the inflator head to the reducing valve.
  • Parts delivered:
    • Inflator head
    • Manometer
    • Hose (to connect the inflator head to the reducing valve)
    • Connectors (to connect the inflator head to the accumulators)
    • Connector specific to customer country (to adapt and connect hose to the reducing valve)



Lub Unit

Connection type - "NPT"

  • Connection type of the main return line (between the crusher and lubrication & hydraulic unit).



Cooling medium - Air

  • Type of cooler
  • Air / oil cooler

Cooler type - Air cooler up to 40°C

  • The highest ambient temperature.
  • For this ambient temperature 40°C (104°F), METSO delivers a standard cooler.

Quantity of cooler motors - 1

Cooler location - On frame

  • Location of the air / oil cooler.
  • Air / oil cooler delivered on frame with hose between lubrication & hydraulic unit and cooler.