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Metso HP300 Cone Crusher Unit #1184

SN: #SN: SOR0376

Main Info
Installation- Mobile
  • If crusher is installed on METSO Mobile equipment.

Main product- NW Other
Industry- Construction
Lubrication unit- Lubrinator

  • The lubrication unit contains air-oil cooler, which keeps oil temperature ideal for the bearing lubrication.
  • The hydraulic unit helps during the setting and maintenance operations.

Mobile lubrication unit- Included
Control type- Digital

  • If Metso automation is not included.
  • Digital signals available (switches).
    • Inductive detector for adjustment setting
    • Temperature and pressure for start and stop authorizations motor starters are not delivered.

Norm- UL
Frequency- 60

  • Frequency band for crusher, lubrication & hydraulic unit, air cooler and blower motors.

Lubrication unit voltage- 265/460V

  • Main voltage for lubrication & hydraulic unit, air cooler, blower motors and heaters.

Serial number plate material- Aluminium

  • Material of the crusher, lubrication & hydraulic unit and automation identification plates.

Color- Metso beige

  • Color of the crusher and lubrication & hydraulic unit.

Instruction plate language- English

  • Language of the warning stickers.


Main Unit
Crusher eccentricity- Standard
Hydraulic motor location- Right to countershaft
Crusher cavity- Included
  • For more details about crusher cavity, see Specification Crusher's liners are included and installed.

Cavity type- Standard coarse

  • For more details about crusher cavity type, see Specification

Motor position- Standard btw 8 and 4 o'clock

  • Crusher motor installed between 8 and 4 o'clock.

Drive- Single drive

  • For more details, see Technical specification.
  • A single drive configuration provides installation for a single electric motor.

Accumulator certification- Standard

  • Standard certification (CE, ASME, CRN, SELO, AS12100)

Ambient temperature- Normal condition down to -15°C

  • Lowest accepted ambient temperature.
  • Acceptable minimum temperature is -15°C (5°F)

Crusher pulley- Included
  • Crusher pulley and hub.

Grooves type- 8V

  • Profile used for the crusher pulley, motor pulley and V-Belts

Quantity of motors- 1
Motor supplier- Customer

  • Crusher motor. For more details, see technical specification.
  • If installed on METSO frame, compatibility have to be checked.

Motor speed/ Pole number- 6 (1000rpm 50Hz/1200rpm 60Hz)
Crusher pulley size- 630

Accumulator charging kit- Included
  • Tool to check the pressure inside the accumulator and to connect the inflator head to the reducing valve. Parts delivered:
    • Inflator head • Manometer
    • Hose (to connect the inflator head to the reducing valve)
    • Connectors (to connect the inflator head to the accumulators)
    • Connector specific to customer country (to adapt and connect hose to the reducing valve)
Lub Unit
Connection type- "NPT"
  • Connection type of the main return line (between the crusher and lubrication & hydraulic unit).

Cooling medium- Air

  • Type of cooler.
  • Air / oil cooler.

Cooler type- Air cooler up to 40°C

  • The highest ambient temperature.
  • For this ambient temperature 40°C (104°F), METSO delivers a standard cooler.

Quantity of cooler motors- 1
Cooler location- On frame

  • Location of the air / oil cooler.
  • Air / oil cooler delivered on frame with hose between lubrication & hydraulic unit and cooler.